FASTA Utilites

This is a collection of Python utilities for maintenance and preparation of FASTA-formatted protein databases presented at the 58th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics, 2010, Salt Lake City.

A simplistic analogy for search programs (SEQUEST, MASCOT, etc.) is that the answer (the peptide sequence) to the problem (the MS/MS spectrum) is looked up in the back of the book (the FASTA protein database). An incomplete set of answers would limit how many problems that could be checked. Incorrect answers are undesirable. Many duplicated answers would increase the time required to find answers. Clearly, maintaining and updating "the answers" is important. These FASTA utilities are designed to do that.

The FASTA utilities distribution includes a detailed User’s Guide, a Quick Reference Guide, and the Python programs. The detailed information presented in the User's Guide is not duplicated here.

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