About Us

The software was written by Phil Wilmarth who works for Dr. Larry David at OHSU.

Larry David's lab studies the aging changes that occur in human eye lens proteins. Characterizing and quantifying accumulated post-translational modifications in aged lens is a primary focus. Dr. David is also the Director of the OHSU Proteomic Shared Resource.

Phillip Wilmarth has a Ph.D. in Nuclear Chemistry from U.C. Berkeley where he specialized in analysis of low-energy nuclear physics experimental data. He has been involved in proteomic data analysis in Dr. David's lab since 2003. He remembers learning about computers when they had card readers, magnetic tape drives, line printers, and Fortran IV. He misses Tektronix 4014 terminals, Versatec printers, CAMAC, and loading magnetic tapes. He does not miss 8" floppy discs or CPM...